Trench Tech Saipan’s President, Cuki Alvarez Thoughts on CNMI Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Hafa Adai Guys.

I’ve been training MMA for the past 6 years of my life, and im 21 years old! (Holy moly thats 1/4 of my life.) well anyway, so many people in the Marianas have put so much time, effort, blood, and tears into the sport of MMA back home and Worldwide… FOR YEARS! And its unfortunate we have professional fighters going out and using their skills the wrong way. I think the number one cause for their actions is EGO. Ego will sneak up on you and make you make bad decisions.

Be the bigger person… Walk away from a fight. If you’re trying to get better don’t fight out in the street, surround yourself around positive training partners in a controlled and safe martial arts academy. (Self Defense is a whole different subject)

Dear All,

In light of all the recent arrests that have been taking place the past few weeks; Alex Castro on Guam, Derick Rangamar, Maitai  Charley and Kelvin Fitial here on Saipan and more importantly, having the Media associating them with MMA, Randy and I have decided to be pro active and take action for their actions….(That’s the most “actions” I ever used in a sentence!

But, It is because of their actions that we are now forced to be put on the defensive. Jason said it and hit it right on the dot when he said he is getting all the complaints and flack from the community because they (The community/public) automatically associate theMMA fighters who are violating the law with TRENCH TECH! I think that they shouldn’t even be associating these guys with MMA at all, but the truth is, THEY ARE ALL MMA FIGHTERS! It saddens me, but as I mentioned in a previous mail, if you break the law, you pay the price.

We’ve all been to the Hill already and had a Public Hearing on MMA. There wer WAAAAYY more PROS than CONS…but there were CONS and our very own MMA fighters who participate in our events are adding fuel to the fire with their criminal actions. The people who know MMA are smart enough to know the difference between MMA and TRENCH TECH…but for some odd reason, in Saipan, MMA IS TRENCH TECH!

Now for the record, we should understand the difference between being arrested for a crime and being convicted for that crime. I’m no lawyer but you are innocent until proven guilty I guess is what I’m trying to say. Nevertheless, the fact is crimes were committed and arrests were made and witnesses were present.

TRENCH TECH has been working closely with the Department of Public Safety on setting some strict guidelines and rules for any and all MMA participants who are involved or are convicted on crimes and violence. I have attached a copy of our RULES AND REGS for everyone’s reference. There is a clause on fighters who have a pending case and so forth. We just need to re-word it and start enforcing it to the fullest.

Officer Jesse DuBrall from DPS has mentioned that they are more than willing on helping us anyway they can to put a stop to all this. Although we simply CANNOT babysit everyone who causes trouble, what we can do is make them responsible for their actions and either suspend them indefinitely from MMA events or Ban them for LIFE. If that’s what we MUST do, then so be it. It doesn’t matter if it’s an 0 and 10 fighter….I won’t mention names- RICK “TOO SLICK” SAN NICOLAS or reigning SUPERSTARS like Alex or Kelvin, we will enforce our RULES!

Since we started this whole MMA movement on November 26Th of 2005 with the innagural TRENCH WARZ 1- FIGHT NIGHT, we have been practicing what we preach- and that’s “CREATING FRIENDSHIP THROUGH FIGHTING”. Certainly, we are by no means perfect, but come on guys, we don’t see Frank “THE CRANK” Camacho, Jason “RUSH” Tarkong, Ken “KAMAKAZI” Tanzawa, Jeff “THUNDER” Cloud, Kato “TISINIA KETU” Kato or even myself on the front pages too often…unless it’s for ANTI VIOLENCE events we involve ourselves in.As LJ “THE FINASISU MESTISU” Castro stated in one of his letters- TRENCH TECH does Secure IT (SECURITY and BOUNCING) at the two most pupolar night Clubs in the CNMI. I dont mean that in a condescending way to anyone but you get the picture.

So for the record, let it be known that I am officially starting a ZER0 tolerance campaign in allowing trouble makers (convicted criminals) from fighting in any and all TRENCH TECH Promotional events from here on out. Please send me your thoughts on this. It has always been in our contracts, but now we just have to ENFORCE IT TO THE FULLEST.

Yours in MMA,

Justis F. “Cuki” Alvarez
P.O.BOX 503833
670-483-4MMA (4662)

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  1. Soena Charley says:

    Hello, J.Alvarez.

    I agree with you when stated that, ” you can not babysit everyone.” Why should you they not kids no more. To all MMA fighters doesn’t mean that you a fighter that you should just pick on anyone when you feel like it. Leave it in the ring. It just goes to say that your a show-off.
    MMA fighters are trained and professional so causing harm to anyone just for the hell of it is just plain stupid. I am not happy about what my brother did and I am not sure what is his excuse but it is wrong. I am thinking for the little boy who saw his father kicked on the face of course no child want to see that happen to their father.I know my brother is sorry for his action and learned his lesson but enough is enough. Enforce that rule! So that the public are safe and your fighters know that you are serious.