Trench Warz XI REDEMPTION Highlight by the man himself Johnny H! 66 Degrees

Frank "The Crank" Camacho

I had the privilege and honor to ref some of the fights and most importantly watch killer fights when I was back home for the holidays! Trench Warz always puts on a show. Trench Warz XI had a lot of Guam vs. Saipan bouts and had 3 Marianas vs. Russia bouts!
Its real nice to see everyone growing as mixed martial artist. Its an honor to fight in the very first 6 Trench Warz events in Saipan. Humble beginnings… The square galvanized fencing in the warehouse! THE RECTAGON! hahaha… good times good times!

Check out the highlight reel 66 degrees put together of Trench Warz XI REDEMPTION at the Saipan World Resort!

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