Out of ALL the Sports Why Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)???

Frank The Crank Camacho UWC WIN

I gotta show my love and support to my Mom, Dad, and Sister for believing in me and supporting me. Come on now, at the age of 15 jumping into a full contact, punch you in your face, stomp on your head, break your arm, choke you out type of sport?

LOL… its not all about that!

What I love most about MMA is that it is one of the “purest” sports out there! Its man to man… You do what you gotta do to prepare for me, I’ll do what I gotta do to prepare and in 15min we are gonna put it to the test.

My conditioning vs your conditioning
My techniques vs your techniques
My heart and desire to win vs yours

and lets see who deserves it most!
I don’t believe in luck in this game. Everyone has a chance of winning. Everyone trains to win. If they don’t train, there is some type of thought of winning.

Imagine this… for 7 weeks (49 days) (1176 hours) (70560 minutes) you are training, practicing, visualizing the 15 min FIGHT you are about to have.

YES FIGHT!!! not basketball shootout… not no relay race…. Full on, in a Cage FIGHT!

Knowing that he is spending every minute thinking  how to beat you makes it even more of a thrill. More so like a human chess match!

With all that being said…
How much DISCIPLINE do you think it will take to get through a serious 7 weeks?
How much RESPECT do you think you will have towards others that help you get through the training camp?
Look at the type of GOAL you are setting and the WORK ETHIC you will need to reach it?

MMA is a beautiful Sport…. Lets keep it rockin!

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  1. Sasa says:

    haaaa??? why you talking about basketball like that???
    you’re so badass jay..