“put a stop to this “BARBARIC” repulsive sport called MMA.” -Trench Tech Saipan’s Friendships Through Fighting


Frank The Crank Camacho Prayer

Frank The Crank Camacho Prayer

Stuff like this hurts me… Do you know of something Great? AMAZING? Something that will do you good things for you, your family, your friends, and your community? and people don’t take the time to understand it and just put it down?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has done great things for me, my family, and my community. You learn about discipline, honor, & respect. It builds character and makes you goal oriented.

See what people still say about MMA… 🙁

Dear Team,

Jason and I just got done doing a power point presentation on Crime Stoppers and Fighting and bullying on campus at WSR Elementary School. Not to mention, TRENCH TECH joined the Anti Bullying campaign last week and participated in a march against bullying. Did I also mention that we have been conducting several PEACE campaigns in various schools around the island the past few years on fighting and grappling in shcools. Oh! I almost forgot donating to charities; Haiti relief, Men against domestic violence (we’ve also walked in their parades along beach road) and etc.

Seems like the word on all the good we do in the community is still going unheard to certain individuals. We have been through this many times and still now, have people actually writing in to Bob Coldeen at KSPN2 saying it is his responsibility to put a stop to this “BARBARIC” repulsive sport called MMA. Please scroll down and read below.


Justis F. “Cuki” Alvarez

P.O.BOX 503833
670-483-4MMA (4662)

Dear Mr. Coldeen,

I am a long time teacher, with 17 years with PSS alone. My colleagues and I have noticed a dramatic escalation in bullying and school violence since the introduction and KSPN’s promotion of “Mixed Martial Arts”!

This barbaric activity has no place in a civilized society, and several of us are again trying to get it banned or more heavily regulated in the CNMI.

We have a program in the Public School System called, “Peace Builders”.  MMA and their exhibitions are  completely contrary to the Peace Builders Philosophy.

Several children on different school campuses have been found bullying or engaged in fighting with students paid to fight other students.  When you ask them why they are doing this, they say because of MMA and KSPN’s promotion of it..both Through commercials, your sports reports, or the Sports Wrapper Program.

For the sake of our children, our community, please stop this.  Why don’t you suggest that the people watch the Winter Olympics coverage on Channel 57, that is sport, is the truest sense of it, NOT rubbish like MMA.

As a Christian, this MMA also repulses me, completely contrary to Christian teaching and doctrine.

Thank You!


San Vicente Elementary School Reading Buddies w/ an MMA Fighter

San Vicente Elementary School Reading Buddies w/ an MMA Fighter

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the mail. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’ve learned to respect everyone’s opinion. At the same time, I’ve also learned that there will always be a group of people that fully oppose certain activities- in our case, MMA.

I could easily have a number of teachers and members of our community write up testimonials on how MMA has in fact deterred many from doing what this lady is saying. All it will lead to is a game of tug of war between 2 groups who believe in what they believe.

We’ve been through this many times. I truly feel that they (non supporters) are simply uneducated in the whole MMA scene. They call it barbaric when in fact statistically speaking, it is much safer than many other sports; boxing, and football as far as injuries are concerned.

In the past few years that we have been doing MMA in the CNMI, fighting in schools and in the streets have decreased significantly. Trench Tech has been to many elementary and Jr High schools and conducting anti bullying and educational speeches on this ever growing sport. It all comes down to how it is being conducted and handled and who conducts and handles it.

We (TT) have conducted 11 professional events- Trench Warz. And 12 amateur events- ROP and Art of War. Of these 23 events, how many serious injuries were reported? Absolutely NONE!

I will send you a poem after this for your reference. I had the privilege to reside this poem at KHS for their yearly Poetry Jam last week and received a standing ovation.

I say let the people talk and say all they want. This (MMA) will be scrutinized forever. Let it be known that we are not a bunch of barbaric, uneducated hooligans looking to cause destruction of lives and livelihood. We are a professional business entity that promotes MMA events ina a safe, controlled, and well conducted arena that 99.9% of the island enjoy. We truly create friendship through fighting and absolutely not the opposite.

Thanks Bob and I hope we do not put a stop to Sports Wrappers. EVER!

Did the lady who wrote this letter know that a bobsleder died in the winter Olympics?…



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  1. Leo says:

    Beautiful post bro! Cuki is absolutely right, no matter what the thing is, there will always be a side that opposes it. In this case (and most) the opposing side is completely uneducated and doing nothing more than making an opinion.
    If youre not into it, then youre not into it… but dont blame it for things its not doing. That would be like trying to ban baseball because some thugs walk around with bats whoopin people.

    I guess people just need a cause to be involved in or fight for to feel like their life is worth living…

  2. lloyd irvin says:

    Nice post Frank

  3. tunzy bear says:

    man< some people kids i tell you…

    anywayz long live purebred familia..

    god bless