gROsS! Crank vs. Flying Moth Into Ear! WINNER: Crank!

gROsS! Crank vs. Flying Moth Into Ear! WINNER: Crank!
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This has to be the craziest thing that’s ever happened!

As I was walking outside a freaken MOTH flew straight into my ear!!!! Instead of flying toward the light and OUT of my ear, it kept flying deeper and deeper into my head! (felt like it was near my throat!)

I freaked the Heck out and was calling for JT, “JT!! JT!!! Help bro help!!!! Something flew into my ear man!! Get tweezers or something!!! Get it out man get it out please!”

By this time it was hurting soooo much! 🙁 and it didn’t wanna stop flapping it’s wings, making it worse!

Rushed to the hospital, and the lady at the emergency front desk asked me to please fill out all this paper work…

WTH?!? Are you serious?!?

Keep in mind I sound like a crazy guy, “Argggghhhh!! Ahhh it hurts!! Get it out of my head it hurts!!!” grunting and grunting.

So I told her I needed help ASAP or I was gonna go nuts!!! Lol

With the help of JT, we got some photos! =D

MORAL OF THE STORY: … I don’t know what the moral is! Close your ears when you see flying moths.

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