Onra: May 31st, 2012

FOKAI The Golden Token

FOKAI The Golden Token

Hafa Adai,

Its May 31st, 2012 and fighter athletes from Jiujitsu academies across Guam  are heading out American shores to compete in the Brazilian Jiujitsu World Championships this weekend. They will undoubtedly meet up with former Guam residents who have taken their competitive ambitions overseas and will come across numbers of people who will have more than a word to say of Guam, Guamanians, and our many branches out into Jiujitsu industry and sport. More than an ocean and several other bodies of water away, our athletes are excelling in wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts and submission grappling tournaments abroad. While the world awaits the 2012OlympicGames, the  biggest sporting event in the world set to take place in London.

On Guam shores, Grapplers are training for two upcoming tournaments in June, the Em-pyreClassic on June 16th scheduled for the Micronesia Mall and the Copa De Marianas no-gi tournament on June 30th set for the Phoenix Center.

Hagatnas portion of Marine Drive is Jiujitsu Alley.

Though possibly mistaken—word on the street is that Universal Alliance will be moving into the International Sports center along Marine Drive where they will be the new faces on the block with near-to-next-door neighbors, the well-established Purebred/LloydIrvin Jiujitsu Academy,  the Carlson Gracie Jiujitsu Guam Academy, and thePound Jiujitsu.  In less than 500yards distance our island will be treated to Guam’s most accomplished Jiujitsu training facilities and its fitting that they are situated in our island’s capital.

Rumor has it that there is another Jiujitsu World Champion in town doing another multiple day seminar at one of our new and premiere Jiujitsu facilities. If that’s the case—Welcome to Guam sir! We hope and trust that you leave the island with a good impression and with good words to resonate about an island that really appreciates the gentle art.

Personally speaking this column was created because there were so many events and achievements that were in the mix without any real media support and a bunch of folks thought that this deserved some attention.  With as busy as Guam’s combat sports schedule has become its pretty tough to be on top of everything. Thankfully there have been so many posts on facebook, so many articles in thePDN, so many stories in our local newscasts, as well as thorough coverage from Guam Sports network and our local TV program 66degrees. It seems that at several levels there is still a good amount of people getting excited enough about our islanders in combat sports and if we really want to stay connected to these increasingly busy dynamics..all we have to do is make an effort.

Former Shooto multiple time lightweight and welterweight Champion Rumina Sato was back on island for two days this week. It’s been about 13years since he first

Frank The Crank Camacho 2010 BJJ World Champion

Frank The Crank Camacho 2010 BJJ World Champion

arrived on island and on this occasion, he was even more excited than his first time around. In between now and then, I’ve had the benefit to intersect with him on several occasions in Japan and despite his  being surrounded by scores of fans waiting around for autographs—without fail, he always makes it a point to make time to say hello and share good conversation with his friends from Guam. Always thought that was pretty cool. Whatever has happended here and whatever is happening in and through combat sports has definitely made its impact with influential people far and near.

Props for everything that’s happened. Gasoline for everything that is going on. And GoodLuck for everything that’s in the mix. Its awesome to be surrounded by an island that ,in sports so growingly more difficult—continues to try it’s best. Whether this competitive pursuit has been for gold medals or black belts..we have succeeded in large to cultivate not just a good name for Guam but also a good reality.  With Guam’s combat sports schedule and industry abroad becoming busier than ever overseas, our talent become more formidable, our connections ever-growing, and our resources more activated than ever—the sky seems to be the limit for what else is to come from the sacrifice of hard training supporting heart-driven ambition.

Like the song says, for her honor for her glory—exalt our island forever more. It looks at the very least, our island’s combat sports is aiming to do that one way or another.

Good luck to our competitors at the Jiujitsu World Championships in California this weekend. We are looking forward to hearing about our new world champion(s)

Thanks for dropping by.

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