What Is The Meaning Of FOKAI? Part 2

Here is my 1st post on what FOKAI means.



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FOKAI Its A Family Thing

FOKAI Its A Family Thing

We googled Fokai and came across the Urban Dictionary and this is what they had to see about fokai. in italicized letters. We add words in bold letters and make comments in regular lettersThough we can see where they are coming from–its important that people have a better understanding of spirit of the word we represent.


Numbers s 1-3 is their example in use of the word .We COMPLETELY AGREE WITH NUMBER 1 and 3. We can also agree with number 2.  Four your better understanding–we added number 4.

1) He/She has the Fokai attitude, and will never quit.
2) I’m going to fokai your face!
3) Fokai!
4) Five People went fishing. Three People caught fish. FivePeople went home with fish because since they fished together…the fish was fokai’d to the people

A local word in Guam that has since been adopted as a very popular brand of clothing started by a close group of friends in Guam.  The brand was first gained popularity with its connection to mixed-martial arts-, but now has included many other extreme sports. Fokai has primarily is used to mean “to go for it”, but has been used in slang as meaning “to break something” or simply “f*#k you!”.

but comes from an ambition rooted in bodyboarding and the  effort to celebrate and cultivate a common and local word that ignited natives towards initiave and  the drive to persevere through adversities.


Dependiing on the generation you speak to… The word “fokai’s” roots come from things as diverse  as to “deck” in a fight or to persevere through  a difficult situation. In two generations prior fokai was also used as a word to mix and even as word describing distribution and even great-giving.


In its evolution..Fokai Industries  is the effort to promotes pushing through adversities to win but also moving forward with dignity and lesson learning through defeat. In essence–its imminent self-victory and the endless effort forward.

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