When You Should Drink Protein Shakes?

Article By: Christopher Godwin


Frank Camacho Ouchi Mata Throw

Frank Camacho Ouchi Mata Throw

Protein shakes are a part of many athletes’ routines when they are training and close to wrestling matches. Knowing when to drink a protein shake can be difficult, however, especially for athletes new to the sport or to basic sports nutrition. While there are a few different times when drinking a protein shake might work, the best time is immediately after a workout. Consuming that much protein and liquid at other times could cause performance problems.

Meal Replacement

If you don’t have time for a meal that contains protein before wrestling practice, a protein shake, though not ideal, can be used as a replacement when necessary. You don’t want to consume a protein shake any less than two hours before strenuous activity of any kind, whether that’s wrestling, cardiovascular workouts or strength training, as you might feel sick or simply bloated and weighed down by the liquid.


After Weigh-In

Some wrestlers have the misconception that drinking a protein shake after a weigh-in can give them more energy and power, especially if they have been trying to cut weight to make a certain weight class that is typically below their standard weight. But most weigh-ins occur too close to a match to truly benefit you, and in many cases, a heavy protein drink will just make you feel too full to move properly and could cause cramping during an intense match.

After Wrestling

Protein shakes are beneficial after wrestling because they provide nutrients that your body needs after intense exercise. Protein, in all of its forms, works to restore

Protein Shake

Protein Shake

muscle glycogen that is lost during intense activities like wrestling and weightlifting. While it’s true that any lean protein source — whether it’s lean chicken, turkey or fish — will help to restore glycogen levels, many wrestlers can’t eat a meal within the first hour of a wrestling match when the protein is most beneficial. A premade protein shake, however, can be consumed almost immediately after a match has concluded.

Practical Benefit

Along with restoring glycogen levels to muscles after intense workouts, premade protein shakes have a more practical benefit. They are mixed to be an ideal combination of protein, carbohydrates and fat, which may help to reduce muscle soreness and recovery time, the likelihood of heat exhaustion and the potential for infection. For busy wrestlers or wrestlers just starting to learn about how to properly balance protein, carbohydrates and fat, protein shakes can be a simple solution that provides the correct nutrition.


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