Nate Diaz Chokes Out Jim Miller via Guillotine Choke 2nd Round|UFC on FOX 3|Gracie Breakdown

Nate Diaz vs Jim Miller UFC FOX 3 Wins via Guillotine Choke 2nd Round

Nate Diaz vs Jim Miller UFC FOX 3 Wins via Guillotine Choke 2nd Round

Awesome weekend of FIGHTS!

The UFC on FOX 3 wasn’t a let down at all. It was a SICK A%$ FIGHT CARD!

Alan Belcher beat the mess out of Palahares! Well… the end of the round Alan ended beating the mess outa him, after fighting off all those freaken leg lock attempts. (I almost had anxiety hoping Palahares didn’t get a hold of a limb and splash ligaments all over the arena)


How was that Nate Diaz vs Jim Miller fight? SICK HUH?!?!

Im a huge Diaz brothers fan! They dont care what anyone says or thinks about them. They are all about their TEAM! I really admire that about them.

Nate Diaz choked out Jim Miller in the 2nd round of their UFC FOX 3 MMA fight via Guillotine choke.

Since the guillotine is one of my favorite moves I broke it down step-by-step in the video below!



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  1. MATUA says:

    I was hoping for a great leglock battle! alan had some good positioning and some good attacks.

    good vid
    Nice Details. EAT A SHARK!

  2. MATUA! Thanks for the feedback brotha! It was a good fight yeah?? they were battling. Big props to Belcher for beating Palahares at his own game.

  3. Jason Tarkong says:

    Awesome step by step breakdown. Gonna study it and practice it at the gym tonight. Thanks for the video Frank. God Bless and train hard.


  4. Thanks Tarkong!!! Awesome pictures in Palau!! Imma make it out there next time