Gameness Fighting Championship in Nashville TN! Team Lloyd Irvin goes 11-2!

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Hafa Adai!

Congratulations to my teammates DJ Jackson, JC Cuffee, and Ron “The Choir Boy” Stallings on their wins this past weekend in Nashville Tennessee in the Gameness Fighting Championships! Below is the the highlight video. They all have been training really hard for this fight and Hard Work pays off!

I lot of people don’t realize that when you step in that cage/ring, there is a chance you can get hurt badly. Knowing that it may be your last night is the Adrenaline Experience! Once that cage door is locked and they say go, you put it all on the line to stop your opponent!

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is amazing! I think its the purest sport out there. Its man to man, You do what you gotta do to win, Imma do what I gotta do to win, and we are gonna put it all on the line in 15 mins of pure, straight up, Fighting! May the best man win.

ANYWHOOO…. check out the highlight I put together from TN!


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