2012 ibjjf Pan Ams Results w/ Frank “The Crank” Camacho

2012 ibjjf Pan Ams Irvine CA

2012 ibjjf Pan Ams Irvine CA

2012 Pan American JiuJitsu Championships Bronze Medalist

This past weekend at the 2012 ibjj Pan American Jiu Jitsu Championships reenforces being a student.

I am! & Always will be a student of Martial Arts. (The beauty of it!)

2012 ibjjf Pan Ams Bronze Medal

2012 ibjjf Pan Ams Bronze Medal

This has to be most favorite and least favorite part of every fight. Some days you get butterflies. Some days you get a cold sweat. Some days you’re pumped and ready to rock. Some days you have anxiety. Some days you’re scared. Some days you’re sick. Some days you’re out of it. But no matter how you feel, it still doesn’t change the fact that you’re gonna have someone in front of you trying to beat your a$&! The more you compete, the better you get at learning how to deal with these feelings to perform at your best.

You’re in the bullpen. Everyone around you is warming up. People have earphones playing their playlist of competition music. You start separating the people that are focus from the ones that aren’t. The the infamous sizing up comes along… You start looking at belt colors then start checking body size if they are in the same weight class.
The ring coordinator then calls out your name and assigns you your mat. You wait side by side your opponent as the referee calls you forward on the mat. I pay respects to the art and to the ways of competition by bowing and humbling myself before stepping on the mats. As I make my way towards the center of the competition mats and the referee, I bow and pay my respects. I bow and pay respects to my opponent. Some people don’t, I do, I do because my opponent  honors and dedicates a part of his life to the art that makes me and many others a better person. Character building. Goal oriented. Disciplined, overall better human being. The more I train and push my body, I learn more about my body physically. “When my body cannot go any further, it is when you can truly train the mind.” [Rhadi Ferguson] & that is when you learn about yourself mentally and in most cases spiritually.

When the referee says “fight!” That is when all the fun begins 😉

Air Sprawl Closed Guard Defense Standing

Air Sprawl Closed Guard Defense Standing

I am disappointed in my performance. The goal is always Gold! WIN!

I ended up losing in the semi finals via clock choke. The match was one I enjoyed most. Straight off the guard pull, my opponent got straight to work. As he pulled, I attempted to steal the 2 points by going for a takedown. He immediately got his grips and started tilting me, sweep attempts, solidifying position, switching from dela riva to X Guard to butterfly to dela riva. By this point I was fighting his fight. I was in defend mode the whole time. I was fighting to get back into MY position instead of fighting to advance my position while looking for a submission. It was a fight! 5 minutes in he ended up taking my back with one hook, I scrambled out and he sat clock choke finishing me off.
That night I spoke to Master Lloyd about my match. I was thinking the whole time how I was defending the WHOLE time and he was in control of the fight. I thought, ‘why couldn’t I just popped a grip and jumped for a kimura?’ Master Lloyd said if I did, that would be considered the “pivot” of the match. My opponent was always a step ahead and needed a “pivot” point so that I would be in control. If I had jumped the kimura and caught the grip, the whole match would of changed and he would be fighting to defend my kimura, therefore “pivot” the match and Im in control now.

It was an overall fun match. Results needed for the future. Im still marinating on it and soaking in the details.

– Stay in control of the match
– Always attacking
– Be aware of match “pivots”
– Have fun!

Thanks for droppin in! Till next time!

I leave you with this quote from multiple time BJJ World Champion Marcelo Garcia: 

“The more you attack, the more your opponent will make mistakes. The more you attack the more he will have to defend. You shouldn’t be defending all the time. Any time you defend, you are losing the fight, losing time to attack.” 


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  1. Jacob Haught says:

    High level stuff Frank. The pivot point seems an interesting concept. I’m STILL the world’s worst triangle finisher, so my goal is to find my first win at blue belt this year and to win it via triangle.

    That clock choke is sneaky. I lost a match that I was ahead on via that move back in 2010 and didn’t even know what was coming. Worst thing was the guy that pulled it on me had only been training for 4 months. The only thing worse than losing is losing when you know you worked hard.

    I like how you are always hunting for that gold and having a good attitude. All of us guys that feel like burning our gis after losing can learn from you. Good luck with Mundials!

  2. Great blog. It’s good that you still have a positive outlook, and that you’re still hungry. With the work ethic you and the other competitors around you like Sijara, DJ, Rita, Nyjah, and Anene and many others, you guys are going to continue to get that Gold.


  3. rome says:


  4. joe vegas says:

    Congrats on medalling!
    A match is way more fun if u r the attacker or on attack mode instead of defending.
    U did great…keep great focus n the rest will take care of itself
    Bless up

  5. MATUA says:

    great notes!!! crank out!!!!