JUICE TIME! Juicing For Dummies!

Ive never juiced before in my life!

And so far… ITS BEEN AWESOME! (Not that kinda juicing bud! ;))

As a Mixed Martial Artist and athlete I need my body in top condition with all the proper nutrients to perform!

So, Brandon Vera introduced us to the art of juicing this trip in Vegas. And honestly… Its not as bad as you think!

In the video below we went to Costco with the team and bought a juicer. Its so easy to make. Prep time is less than 15min.

The only thing is, it takes a load of veggies and theres so much pulp left after juicing. You wanna make the most of all the veggies & fruits you dont wanna throw it away.

The past few days of juicing, Ive been feeling really good. Better than normal. Im getting all the nutrients I need daily. Especially training multiple times a day!

Get yourself a juicer! Its well worth it!

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Check it out!


When you buy this eBook, I’ll send you my personal Juicing Recipe! Just email me your receipt: frank@crankeffect.com
With my personal juicing recipe, It makes a huge difference when I drink it in the morning and one before bed.

I have SO MUCH Energy during the day, especially during hard training practices.

I dont get cravings for Ice Cream, candy, or any of that nasty stuff. 

I’ve lost 3lbs the past 3 days of juicing. AWESOME!

Be sure to email me your receipt ASAP so I can send you what recipe I use! frank@crankeffect.com



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