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Josh "Zeng Zung" Castro

Josh "Zeng Zung" Castro


My name is Joshua Q. Castro and my dad is from Guam and my mom from Tinian. At the moment they both reside on the island of Saipan. Growing up, after we moved from Germany, I found myself hoping islands from time to time. Mostly from Guam and Tinian, and a couple stints on Saipan. During that time, I didn’t realize how much I would appreciate it in the long run, but my experiences of the different types of people I had in my culture would most definitely mold me into the person I am today and greatly influence my music.

Through out my experiences I’ve learned that even as one Chamorro group there were a lot of differences on how we did certain things. The slang we possessed, the accent when we spoke the language, even certain traditions I saw that were modified. One thing however that stood strong throughout all this was the CHAMORRO pride that was displayed by ever yCHAMORRO I met.

Another thing that weighed heavy in my life growing up was all the types of music I got exposed to. Believe it or not but my mom allowed me to listen to rap music since day one. Even the controversial rap group 2 live crew. I can even remember my dad playing some Temptations when I was little and him telling me that his military friends introduced him to that kind of music. I was listening to all types of music including rock, pop, r & b, hawaiian, reggae, rap, and of course CHAMORRO music.

I always saw a resemblance between hip hop music and CHAMORRO music. I always thought that Run D.M.C. and K.C. DeLeon Gurerro had a resemblance when it came to their passionate delivery. The poetic aspect of Tupac Shakur and Daniel DeLeon Gurerro. Then of course when it comes to humorous entertainment, 2 Live Crew and J.D Crutch were 2 of the most memorable. Above all, all the artists mentioned, at one point in time had a song about where they were from. They exhibited tremendous pride in their hometown and always reminded the general public where they were from and why they do it. From Hollis to L.A. to the MARIANAS, when there was great music to be heard, and I was there trying to listen.

One thing that not too many people know about me is that I love writing poetry. I have been writing poetry since my middle school days till now. All my poetry has been influenced by real events that took place in my life. Love or hate it, I can’t change it. If I did I’d be lying and that’s one thing I am trying to avoid.

Now I never really saw myself recording anything at all but it happened. The opportunity presented itself so I took a stab at it out of curiosity. Thanks to Mizz D at Beat Drop Productions Studios in Clovis, CA and Optimus Rhyme at Phantom 58 Studios in Las Vegas, NV. They, along with friends and family, had me believing that I might actually have something here. With an upgraded passion, I vowed to never turn my back on my musical inspirations and will forever make the attempt to represent my culture, my people, the MARIANAS.

I can’t really put a label on what kind of music I do. It’s definitely not CHAMORRO music and by far not in any way modern hip hop. My mix tape material might be but definitely not my album tracks. I try and stay true to the roots of hip hop and at the same time I speak CHAMORRO while doing that. I feel my job is to make the attempt on creating great music and I’ll leave fans, haters, and all in between decide where I fit. Where ever it is imma still do what I have always saw as my fun passionate hobby………….RIGHT GOOD POETRY and now RECORD GOOD MUSIC.

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