The Beautiful Mariana Island of Tinian! CNMI Chain! The Adventures of CRANK & ByTheBay

Hafa Adai!

The cold is getting to me a little bit so home is on my mind right now! Beach, sun, CHOW, and family! 2009-2010 Holidays was a good time. I got to chill with Familian ZengZung owner/CEO (eishhh na CEO noh?) and the world famous, Jose ByTheBay Quan, on the island of Tinian!

After our trip to Tinian, I gotta say… Good Donne! A lot of hospitality! So much history (WW2, House of Taga)! Beautiful Beaches!

I won’t get TOO indepth with the adventures of ByTheBay, Crank, and ZengZung just yet. Keep posted for some cool a*$ footage from our trip! Keep it island style!

EVERYONE BACK HOME! Enjoy the beach and family for all of us out here! SEND US FAN HI-C! hahah

Keep it rockin!

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