Copa Nova Results Highlight Reel

1 Arm Kimura DJ Jackson

1 Arm Kimura DJ Jackson

Team Lloyd Irvin ripped it up at the 2011 Copa Nova in Ashburn VA

Team Lloyd Irvin competitors Keenan Cornelius, Lenny Maggio, DJ Jackson, Kenny Brown, Nick Philly, and many others went out there and smashed!

Below is the highlight reel of Team Lloyd Irvin at the Copa Nova!


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  1. peire says:

    i watch all ur vids crank.. also all other vids on the team.. just like isaid to mike easton its a honor to meet u guy an shake ur hands.. i cant wait to join and push myself to the limit. i have a question when do guys ever go to work… job? and make it to all 3 classes a day.. just curious? i cant wait to eat sleep… shit mma..
    so keep up the good wk guys.. and keep posting vids cause their lots kid and adults out here that watch them. an get a kick out of them.. places and like these should be everywhere around the world.. the amosphere there is like no other.. their no negativity or hate or just bad seed in campsprings. i love it. it make me feel like i have a real family to look up too. not saying my personal family aint good. but the encourage, an love there is off the scale..this is wht God sent us here to do is love each other. god present is surly in campsprings.. merry christmas and happy newyear.. hope meet u some day nohomo!