Washington DC to New York City!

Times Square View From Empire State Building

Hafa Adai Ladies and Gents! Its another beautiful day here in the East Coast!

Happy belated Valentines Day / Presidents Day to all. Hope everyone had a rocking weekend! I spent my weekend with my best friend Jose “ByTheBay” and his family in NYC! I hardly get to see people from Saipan around here, so seeing them was real nice. Thank you so much for the good times guys!

I never realized how close a lot of things are on the East Coast. Major city to major city is usually only a 3-5 hour drive. Pretty good stuffs!

This trip I noticed that NYC has a lot of tall buildings (come on frank! obviously NYC has big buildings), a sh*t load of cabs, super duper crazy driving, lots of people, and a whole lot of awesome restaurants. Check out some cool pictures on my boys site by clicking on his name or by going to emap.posterous.com.

Keep it rockin guys!


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  1. are you ready to rumble some snow? its col here huh, lori valentine nyc happy late v day to you,